Why EZLife HRIS?

After you see our demo, you'll want to sign on right away.

Our team will contact you and review all your requests outside our normal processes, that is because you can customize your own! The team will take every customer through each step making sure you understand and get your questions answered. They will go out to your location to make sure the implementation process is done on-site with the actual staff and equipment. This way we can make sure your training is not only personalized but fully functional. For the sake of effective management of your company, there is always a commitment to excellence from our side, and that is a promise!

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Highly Configurable

EZ HR is made to be as flexible it as can be. How? Modules were made configurable to meet your needs!

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Simplifies Work

No need to do things manually! That's gonna save you tons of gold---TIME!


Lessens HR Troubles

Employees can file their own requests with user-friendly dashboard to track statuses and check all filed requests.



We understand that security and privacy are very important. Access on modules and data including approvals can be limited to chosen audiences only!


Get a look and feel of the application for free for 30 days with the pre-configured process.

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HRIS Features

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Roles and Profiles

Each user has a role in the system. Whether it is simply for filing their request, approving requests, filing your timesheet, or adding employees. With Roles/profiles you can manage your user accounts and set their available access and actions as to how you want it.

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Passing of forms manually for approval can be vexing. It usually can be lost and it takes time to have a request to be approved. With our workflow module, it can be configured as to your requirements and help you organize and manage this type of process.

Browser Dashboard


Sometimes you just want to take a quick sneak peek. This gives you that opportunity to see those things in single page.



For every payroll period, you may want to take a quick look to the number of hours you worked and see if everything is correct. This feature gives you exactly that. Before HR processes data, view how the period went and submit them when it is ready.

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